10 Mobile Ecommerce design tips to improve sales in 2021

Mobile E-commerce Design Tips 2021

Technology has taken great steps toward creating viable ecommerce options for humanity. Now, consumers can shop anytime, anywhere, even during a global epidemic. So, people have more time to browse through various ecommerce websites and apps, it is pivotal to select mobile ecommerce design ideas that will set you apart.

In order to engage the attention of a consumer, the mobile ecommerce design must be aesthetically pleasing and add value to both the seller and the buyer.

Today, we will discuss

10 Mobile Ecommerce design tips to improve sales in 2021

Appealing visuals

The first thing consumers notice is the visuals. Keep it clean and simple. Too many color schemes or random abstract patterns can be unappealing or distracting from the actual business. Mobile ecommerce design should have a constant color scheme with a light and dark mode for consumers’ convenience.

User-friendly interface

Customers do not like to dabble in overly complicated apps and websites. The user interface must be easy and helpful. It should add value to the customer’s overall experience. Therefore, there should be sufficient access points for fundamental necessities such as products and categories, customer support, selecting user profiles, updating account details, etc.

Creating wish lists

Consumers often find it difficult to purchase certain items at a given time. So they like to save them for later. It is an important function as most items added to the wish-list are necessary or for comparison. Either way, having easy access to selected items for later purchase is a necessary Mobile ecommerce design function.

Ecommerce FAQ Page Design

Consumers have so many questions regarding payment, shipment, size, etc. They can’t always get in touch with customer support for a multitude of reasons. A blanket cover of Frequently Asked Questions can answer most of their queries, thus creating an easement for the shopping experience.

Engagement through social media

More than 50% of consumers are attracted to items that are possessed by their peers. Therefore, a mobile ecommerce design function that encourages purchases while the consumer is surfing on social media, could exponentially drive up aggregate sales.

Personalized suggestions

Each customer’s purchase behavior must be monitored to suggest similar items they may like. For example, if someone has added mozzarella to the cart, it is viable that they will also want to purchase cheddar or brie. These items can be suggested to remind the customer of more items they will need.

Discounts and offers

Mobile ecommerce designs must have room for discounts and special offers for customers, especially if they opt for a membership. The ecommerce company earns a certain amount through memberships as well. It makes the consumer feel valued and they develop brand loyalty to the business.

Include Two-step authentication in Your Ecommerce Design Plan

It is vital in today’s time, to implement absolute end-to-end security measures in your mobile ecommerce design. Customers share private information such as mobile numbers, addresses, etc. They want to know that their information is properly protected.

Nowadays, consumers have become smart buyers. They will check the ratings and reviews of the product they want to purchase, beforehand. Therefore, a designated section for members or customers to share their feedback, ratings, and reviews of products they have purchased is a must-have mobile ecommerce design plan.

Customer service

The customer service section has direct interactions with the consumer. In order to ensure a satisfactory purchase experience, your mobile ecommerce design must feature an adequate customer support function through calls, messages, and even artificial intelligence bots.

These Mobile Ecommerce design ideas create a general sense of trust thus creating brand loyalty and driving up the sales of your business. Additionally, the social media function and the special offers create a demand for the ecommerce business.

Consumers actively seek out mobile ecommerce designs that create a smooth and high-quality user experience which inevitably affects the rise in sales.

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