10 Reasons why you need a mobile app for your e-commerce store

Mobile app for ecommerce store

With the turn of the 21st century, we started to notice the uprise of the mobile app for your e-commerce store. From booking appointments to purchasing groceries, every fundamental function is app-based. Now, the phenomenon has become so common-place that consumers have flocked to shopping on e-commerce mobile apps all the time.

Today, we will share with you, the main reasons why websites and stores need an e-commerce mobile app to increase their sales.

Top 10 reasons why you need a mobile app for your e-commerce business:

The convenience of shopping anywhere at any time

It is no secret that people are now constantly on their cell phones. Having an e-commerce mobile app means that the customer can access the store from any place. That is to say, whether they are traveling, or at work, or about to go to sleep, shopping is just a click away.

Consumers prefer to just open the app on their tablets or mobile phones and place an order with ease. They don’t have to log-in repetitively. As a result, they can order products on the go or even while having a conversation. This ease of access is a primary statistical demand according to recent surveys.

Speed of purchase

Consumers can certainly purchase items much quicker on an e-commerce mobile app due to its seamless convenience. They can store their data and quickly make subsequent purchases in the future. There are multiple payment options associated with e-commerce mobile apps. In addition, the loading process of the app is much faster as compared to loading a web page.

Ease of marketing and advertising

This is highly advantageous to the company as they no longer have to spend time and money on designing billboards or writing email newsletters. Consumers tend to mark marketing emails as spam or unsubscribe, which reduces the number of actual leads created.

With an e-commerce mobile app, you can simply create push notifications that will pop up on the consumers’ devices, thus driving up the rate of conversion.

Competitive market advantage

Consumers are accustomed to the convenience of purchasing products on their tablets and cell phones. Having an e-commerce mobile app will ease the consumer experience, therefore, you will gain considerable market penetration. In some cases, e-commerce mobile apps have created a market monopoly as well.

Expedited rate of conversion

Due to the quick and easy procedure of purchase, potential clients are easily converted into paying customers. Moreover, customers find more things to buy when shopping on an e-commerce mobile app as a result of the ease of access.

Personalized user experience

E-commerce mobile apps can be designed to observe and record customer behavior to personalize their experience and make the consumer feel valued.

Increase in purchase orders

Due to the ease of access, the number of purchases increases exponentially on e-commerce mobile apps. Customers find more things to buy because of the personalized suggestions.

Fewer chances of cart abandonment

E-commerce mobile apps can be designed to notify the customer of products added to the cart via push notifications. This will serve as a gentle reminder for them to subsequently finish the purchase rather than abandon the cart.

User-friendly experience

Statistically, consumers find it much easier to navigate on an e-commerce mobile app as compared to websites. This invariably increases the time spent on the website, thus increasing the rate of purchase. Additionally, it is far easier to communicate with customer service, creating a sense of camaraderie with the e-commerce store.

Increase the rate of customer loyalty

Consumers find the transparency of purchase to be quite amicable thus creating brand loyalty. When they have a smooth user experience, they tend to return to the app to make more purchases.

In this generation, having an e-commerce mobile app is a game-changing mode of customer indulgence. If you don’t already have one, it is time to get an e-commerce mobile app and drastically improve your sales order now.