10 Start Up E-commerce Business Ideas

ecommerce business

With the boom in technology and the internet, the chances of starting your business and making it a success is quite a possibility now. Transactions are being done online and are now a popular method with both the consumers and the entrepreneurs. Exposing the business on platform that accessible globally helps you acquire a larger customer base and brings in more profit and revenue, ultimately making your business a success. You can also introduce drop shipping in your business. Which means you can ship product directly from manufacturer to your customers.Below are a few business plans that a start-up in e-commerce can consider venturing into:

1.Vegan and organic food:

People living in today’s world has become very conscious of what they consume and put inside their body for nutrients. ‘Going Green’ has become a lifestyle now and the consumers are always searching for a healthier alternative to their unhealthy meals and food habits. Gourmet food that is organic and vegan are extremely popular but the options are not offered in a wide variety and few sites sell them. Venturing into this market can certainly bring in success if you manage to captivate your target audience

2.Stores dedicated to men’s grooming:

Gone are the days when men cared less about their appearance. With the boom in metrosexual and hipster fashion, men can be seen pulling themselves off impeccably and comfortably with a groomed appearance and crisp styling. The options offered that cater to men’s grooming products are few in the market, but the demand is very high, making this a good idea to invest in all the beard oils and hair-holding wax that are made with organic ingredients

3.Domain broker:

The domain brokerage business is good idea to invest in with the rise of all the various online sites and domains. The business of registering and purchasing and facilitating a deal between the buyers and owners of the domain name is something anyone can do, without any professional experience. They can even act as a third party. Rigorous research and in-depth analysis is needed before venturing into this market and to know your competitors, but once you tap it right, it can be a huge success.

4.Stores offering original luxury products:

We want to spend our hard-earned bucks on original luxury products and not get ripped with a cheap knock-off product from the booming counterfeit market. In the recent years we can see how the trend for the obsession of owning luxury items have gone up with the consumer’s purchasing power and accessibility. But the original products are not in abundance in the market and there are very few authorized and affiliated re-sellers who deliver original items. Consumers are ready to buy and invest when given the assurance that the product they are buying absolutely genuine.


There are many who argue a physical book is a much better experience, but for people who live a hectic lifestyle, an e-book version of their favorite author’s book that they want to read in the long metro ride, becomes the easiest option for reading on the go. Tapping into this market is a good idea as this market holds a lot of potential. There are avid readers who finds it hard to make time for a book or the options of e-book versions might be limited. Having an extensive collection of e-books and audio books can easily captivate a large base for consumers globally and generate large profits in return.

6.Custom clothing sites:

People have become conscious of their appearance and want to appear their best in the way their body is naturally shaped. Even the best brands in the market do not cater to every shape and size, but are rather manufactured with the general idea of what will fit the maximum crowd with the latest trend. While a latest trend is something desirable, exclusion from sporting one is not. This is where the custom clothing market comes in and is very popular among consumers looking to try out their perfect fit. Option for such stores are limited and if done right, it can cater to the global audience.

7.Bridal service:

Weddings in India are in no way underrated or downplayed. People go out of their way and spend without any track to make it a memorable occasion. Indian brides are stepping up their game, making sure that everything is perfect and planned on their special day. During this stressful time, a bridal service or a concierge provides a steady hand through the extensive preparation done for the special day. The bride can catch a break and relax, while the various mundane and detailed parts of the wedding preparation are provided and taken care by the service of the concierge.

8.Intimate care products and entertainment:

In a country like India, where anything related to intimacy and sex is considered a taboo, the upcoming generation suffers even after being completely aware of it. The accessibility of such items and products, that are at par with the internationally quality are very rare, but the demand is certainly high. If a store provides security and protection of their customer base and their purchases with genuine and safe products, this industry can make huge turnovers yearly. If done right with business ethics intact and executed properly while keeping the security of their consumer’s information, this business has potential for making profits.

9. Travel Blogger:

If you have the passion to write and also travel, then merging them both together might be the best thing for you. Travel to unexplored places with cameras and capture what you see, edit the video and write a descriptions of the places. Making a travelogue and opening a blog about the places you travel to, and what you see and experience, can help a lot of people out there who are planning for a similar trip or just have an urge to know about what the people of that region eat. The initial start to this business might be slow, but if you have the passion and flair to bring in good content, there are sponsors and companies out there who might want to take the contents from you and hire you to do the job that you love.

10.Social media consultant:

There are many start-ups and new business who are successful but do not have a dedicated team or any consultant to run their social media. They are way more consumed in making business strategies and checking every move of their competitors, that they completely ignore the importance of the social media in the modern world. Businesses looking to jump into the bandwagon for visibility in the social media circle, will look for a social media consultant and that is where your business starts. You can provide them with contents and tactics to captivate their target audience and help in securing new ones too. You will strategize and plan for everything that goes up on the internet under the brand’s name.

In this day and age, if you have an idea and see a potential business out of it, the internet and the e-commerce is at your fingertips. Planning, organizing and executing a well-thought and potential business online is now something that can be achieved. Nothing replaces hard-work and dedication, so even when you get all the access and availability to start and succeed in a business, it is best to do a good research work on it before starting. Stick to your initial idea and make flexible changes along the way to overcome the obstacles and accommodate the changes. If you believe in an idea to start an e-commerce business, dive right into it to make it a reality, as the competition is stiff in the market. . Due to its flexible nature, you can either make your business a full-time or a part-time thing. An initial investment in rigorous research and analysis about the kind of business you want to venture in will maximize your growth and profits and help you overcome the obstacle that comes along the way.