Black Friday And Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies: 5 Tips to Boost Your Sale 200%

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Get ready for the extravagant weekend of the year. As the most important and busiest days for holiday shopping are approaching, procrastinating e-commerce site marketers could be feeling the heat to increase their sales at this time. Although, Planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday should have started months ago. But there is still hope for marketing strollers, Hopefully, this five that could guide your holiday marketing plans. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perhaps the fullest shopping days in the United States, there are many ways in which you can take advantage of these two days, and I do not only mean getting your Christmas shopping done in this way, however e-commerce sites owners can also do a lot to recover their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In this article, I will pen down five tricks to improve sales over the Thanksgiving weekend.
As we have seen people are actively looking to spend more money than usual online over the next few days. And if they are going to spend it, wouldn’t you rather take a little effort to increase your sale. If so, this post will show you some tricks where you can boost your sales and grow your business.

Offer discounts and coupons

Maybe this seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many online stores miss out on great sales because they don’t offer a proper discount or a coupon systems on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. With more number of consumers are finishing their Thanksgiving shopping extravaganzas on the e-commerce sites, I bet you wouldn’t want to disappoint visitors on the busiest day of all.

Share how much you can

Offering huge discounts is a good start, however, if no one knows the offering discounts, then you are again staying behind and not making any sales during this vital weekend. Start sending an email at least a few days in advance or start promoting your sales on Facebook or other social media sites. Do not forget to remind customers of your sales both on Black Friday and on Cyber Monday. Trust me if they are aware of your offering, they are much more likely to visit your store and make that dynamic purchase.

Make a smart move and use the landing page strategy

As per a report published by AdWords, 65 % of holiday shoppers begin searching online for their purchases prior to the weekend of Thanksgiving. If you can hit the shoppers at this peak time with an impressive landing page showcasing you special offers, you are likely to get flooded with visitors and buyers.

Keywords management

You cannot ignore the importance of managing those keywords if you are running an e-commerce site. Always remember when creating a good SEO campaign do some research, use a tool such as the Google Keyword tool for better understanding your customer’s way of searching. It is vital to know which keywords are mostly used during the holidays, these include things such as: “sales, top gifts, cyber Monday, black Friday”, etc.

The final step

Make sure your store is running as expected as it is the most important part, however, it is vital to test your system, you are undoubtedly going to experience a huge rise of traffic during this period and there is nothing worse if the system crash. Remember the increased traffic will most likely result in increased sales, so why not to spend some quality time making sure everything is working as you have planned.

A decent platform to make your announcement go viral is through social media, make your audience talk about your brands. With the power of social networks sharing, a number of visitors will come to know about your brands and land on your website through those shares, posts, and tweets. Every online dealer desires for that boost on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but the inflow of massive advertising during the holiday season makes it seem like a wishful thinking. Apply the tactics above to strengthen your Black Friday marketing campaigns and see a smarter difference.