5 Reasons why email marketing is important for e-commerce

email marketing

We have all heard the saying, “Old is Gold.” With that in mind, today we want to discuss a time-honored form of digital marketing that can help any and all e-commerce businesses flourish in this technological era – Email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing trends for both e-commerce and physical businesses. Although social media may be taking over the world by storm, email marketing remains the reigning king. There are certified reasons why email marketing is the most important means of promotion for e-commerce. Let us take a look at them in detail today.

Email marketing is a low-cost solution

During tumultuous economic upheavals it is an effective marketing solution at low to no cost. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on advertising and billboards, social media influencers, and marketing teams. You only have to draft an informative email that excites the reader to purchase your products and services. The only costs you incur with email marketing are those associated with your internet service provider.

You have access to genuine contacts

Unlike social media, the email addresses in your list are under your prerogative. No one else can change the rules or take them away. The email addresses in your database contribute to actual results in your e-commerce business.

When you use social media marketing, there is always a chance that your account may be deactivated or restricted. This means that you lose all the contacts that you established over time. There is also an increased disadvantage with the algorithms used on social media channels. They are not always effective enough to promote your e-commerce business to all your potential clients.

But with email marketing, you have complete control over your content material and distribution. You can send it to your entire contact list or optimize the contacts as per product grade.

For instance, if you run a clothing e-commerce business, you might encounter special deals from high-end designers. These products are not feasible for customers who like discount shopping. Therefore, you can create a customized list of high-end buyers and send them an email about the select products available to elite members only.

Not only is this an effective form of email marketing, but it also encourages a sense of privilege. The customers and clients feel that they are exclusive, advantaged, and quite special to you. It establishes brand loyalty and elicits a positive response towards your e-commerce business.

It’s the customer’s choice

The contacts that you have created for email marketing are widely contributed by willing customers who wanted to subscribe to a mailing list. This indicates that the customers are genuinely interested in your products and services. They want you to inform them about the latest product updates, discount offers, company policies, and other major happenings in your e-commerce business.

Email marketing is a valuable means of communication for you to keep your customers informed about all your progress and objectives. You can share company newsletters or exclusive deals that stimulates them to contribute towards your revenue. It also establishes your e-commerce business as a peer who is a valuable asset in their contact list.

You can track the progress

One of the best things about email marketing is that you can track its effectiveness. There are several factors that you can take into account to do so, such as:

  • Rate of emails opened.
  • Rate of spam complaints.
  • The number of people who unsubscribed.
  • The number of emails that bounced.

You can make note of these statistics and determine the approximate percentage of your mailing list that essentially clicked through or converted into actual sales.

While on social media platforms you can view who saw your stories, there is no accountability to verify how many people saw your posts. Additionally, it is also uncertain how many people on social media just scrolled through your stories and posts without even reading them. The statistics are indefinite which means you cannot determine how well your marketing campaigns are performing.

Whereas, with email marketing, you have control over the numbers. Therefore, you can design your marketing strategies based on popularly accepted trends. You can observe which emails have converted maximum customers and clients and improve upon them.

You can control the perception of your brand

Email marketing provides you with complete control over how you represent your brand. Even though you may employ bulk email services, the conversation remains private. Therefore, if you send out an update about your company or general policy, customers and clients feel that they are important to you. In addition to that, haters cannot hijack the conversation to bad-mouth your e-commerce business in the public eye. This prevents any negative annotations and reviews. Your communications with clients and customers are direct.

Thus, email marketing makes it easier for you to create a positive image for your e-commerce business. You can also employ psychological cues with the help of written or video content that depicts your positive influence in society. You can also share your achievements and goals towards developing a consumer-centric system in your company.

With email marketing, you can help customers create positive associations with your brand thereby creating the image of an e-commerce business that they can relate to and trust.

Email marketing is a sustainable source of communication with your loyal customers. Since these aren’t public posts, email marketing makes the consumer feel special and valued. Although you may have qualms about the marketing strategy as most bulk emails end up in spam, it is still a viable solution. You can correct the configuration and purpose of your email services. This will ensure that your mailing list receives your email marketing contents in their inbox.

Email marketing is a tried and proven method of digital marketing for e-commerce. Every phenomenon in the digital world has its pros and cons. But email marketing has stood the test of time and proven to be one of the best means to communicate with your clients and customers.

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