Best E-commerce Design trends for 2021

E-commerce Design Trends

Since the dawn of Covid-19, a lot of physical businesses have gone belly-up. Government regulations across the globe, had shut down stores and shops, forcing proprietors to either go online to sell their products, or lose business altogether. It’s quite an ingenious method really, as in this era, people spend 70 percent of their time on cellphones and computers. Businesses must also meet this technological evolution in stride, lest they are left with tremendous drawbacks. Physical Customers are constantly being poached by e-commerce due to the convenience of time and space.

In this revolutionary time of business, UI and UX designs have also been massively upgraded. Here are a few E-commerce design trends that are expected to be implemented in 2021 to improve the user experience:

3D- imaging

As the demand for online shopping grows, customers have reportedly desired to have at least part of the physical shopping experience on the digital platforms. 3D designs help the viewer get a more realistic idea about the product before purchase. This is particularly helpful for clothing, furniture, real estate, etc.

Simple and clear design

Amongst the chaos of 2020, customers have been more inclined towards clearer images, simple and bold fonts and spatially soothing designs. It emanates a sense of calm and makes people want to spend more time shopping on the website. Using such soothing E-commerce design trends would effectively create a positive impression on customers.

User friendly phrases

Customers are drawn to a friendlier experience. Using formal language may deliver the message professionally, but the personal experience comes from an informal and friendly communication. People are more likely to read about the company and develop a sense of camaraderie with them, thus building loyalty.

Geometric patterns and bold color combinations

With the growth of abstract art, the trend for using more geometric patterns have become a common-place desire. Coupled with a bold color chart, customers are more likely to associate the website with more futuristic trends. People expect E-commerce design trends to reflect their desirable levels of art and culture. It creates a sense of progression with time.

Dark mode

From social media channels to games to websites, dark mode is a sought after technological advancement. Surveys have shown that people mostly shop at night prior to bedtime. Installing a dark mode on the e-commerce website keeps them from straining their eyes, while making the text more prominent. E-commerce design trends should definitely implement the ability to toggle between dark mode and light mode to be more beneficial in addressing both day and night-shoppers.

High Definition photographs and graphics

With the evolution of high-pixel cameras on cell phones, customers are used to HD pictures. Employing more prominent photographs and graphic designs, helps make the experience more realistic and relatable. Customers find it much easier to view a product and all its components, when the picture is of good quality, thus creating complete transparency between business and client.

As the trend of E-commerce emerges, so must the E-commerce design trends. Websites should be able to draw customers and keep them browsing for longer periods of time. Having a good product line is just not enough anymore.

The website has to appeal to the customer aesthetically in order to spend more time in looking for products and making a purchase. The key is to keep them browsing. Customers tend to find more things they desire, the longer they stay on the website. Following these E-commerce design trends in 2021, we can definitely expect the e-commerce industry to expand further and revolutionize the shopping experience and likely create a more desirable mode of conducting business.

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