10 best business ideas you can start online with low investment in 2021

10 profitable business ideas to start online in 2021

An entrepreneur is a person who can take his/her ideas and implement them for maximum profit. The ideas don’t always have to be unique. However, the business plan must be prepared in real-world scenarios.

For all of you who have dreamed about having your own business, but don’t have unique business ideas, we are here to help. We will share some profitable business ideas from which you can choose.

Top 10 profitable businesses to start online with low investment:

Trading imported products and vegan products

Most consumers are becoming conscientious buyers. You can import popular products from different corners of the globe. You can then create an e-commerce website and sell them. You can also target vegans as their diet is specific. You can collaborate with suppliers or companies that create products with long shelf-life. The business idea targets a niche that is growing extensively. As a result, the profit margin is quite substantial.

Delivery services of varied products

Customers nowadays prefer to have all their products delivered. Whether it’s groceries, pet-care, medicines, food, etc., they want everything at their doorstep. You can collaborate with stores, restaurants, and suppliers and discuss your business ideas. You can provide runners who can provide a pick-and-drop service. Your e-commerce app or website can provide an end-to-end purchase to delivery experience.

Digital marketing and consultation services

With the growth of social media, you can design various business ideas in support of them. You can help the influencers and small business owners create extraordinary audio-visual products. You can also consult on their business ideas and provide digital marketing services.

Services for travel planning

After being cooped up in the house for almost a year, people wish to travel. You can collaborate with airlines, trains, buses, cruises, hotels, and tour guides. You can implement their services and design travel plans. If the trips are thoroughly planned, you can find clients and make a significant profit.

Event and party planning

If you love party planning and creating special events, then this business idea is for you. There are artisans constantly looking for work and clients looking for suitable deliverables. You can collaborate with merchants, artists, and workers. You can then employ their services and begin planning events and parties for clients. The core fundamentals of these business ideas depend on networking. You must build good relations with workers, artists, and suppliers.

Providing vehicles on rent

This business idea is perfect for this era. A lot of people are constantly looking for rental cars, bikes, scooters, and even bicycles. You can create an e-commerce business plan around renting out vehicles. Customers can open an account with your company and you can verify their credentials. You can add trackers to the vehicles to calculate the distance and time of travel. Thereby, you can estimate the total amount to be paid for the service.

Beauty consultation

Now this is a business idea that can make you large sums of money with minimal investment. You can start by providing profitable online or offline consultations. You can then move on to collaborations with manufacturers of beauty products. You can recommend the products and charge the manufacturers a sum of money for the endorsement.

Maintenance and home-care services

You can collaborate with workers looking for jobs and connect them to clients. You can create an app or website where clients can search for skilled workers. They can select service providers based on their budget and needs. Since you are only a mediator, you need not pay anyone. And you can charge a sum of money as a commission for helping them find each other.

Online literary services

All you need for these business ideas are a computer, internet, and a website. These business ideas include

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content writing
  • Translating
  • Transcribing
  • Blogging
  • Research, etc.

Services in fitness and health

This business idea targets people’s desire to live a healthy and long life. You can provide online fitness training, consultation, and even recommend diet plans.

The above business ideas are very easy to implement. If you have dreamed about being a business owner, then this is the time to get started. 2021 can be the year when you establish the life you have long desired.

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