10 common mistakes in eCommerce Design

common mistakes in eCommerce Design

In today’s world, eCommerce is essentially the most important form of business. Customers prefer to conduct all their shopping online due to its convenience. Business owners also make more profits as a result of many cost-effective techniques. However, sometimes, we tend to make mistakes with eCommerce design. That can often make the site unappealing to customers. These are not potentially grave mistakes. They can be easily fixed with a little attention.

Let us take a look,

Top 10 common mistakes we make while implementing eCommerce design ideas:

Website is unresponsive through devices

Nowadays a majority of clients are shopping on mobiles and tablets. You must create a seamlessly transitioning eCommerce design. So, the website should be smoothly operational on mobile phones. Sometimes websites tend to have subscription pop-ups that cover 80% of the screen. Consumers get annoyed and switch to other websites.

Always ensure a fail-safe is installed into your eCommerce design. If there is no dire requirement, avoid overly complicated design ideas.

Annoying navigation process

Consumers need to flip through various categories and information. Navigation through products and information should always be easy and accessible. You don’t want to enrage the customers with confusing and diversified categories. Always keep it simple and easy.

Lack of a “Search” function in your eCommerce design

More often than not, consumers prefer to search for specific products. Whether it’s the latest Gucci handbag or the hi-fiber protein bars, they are looking for specifics. It is, necessary to include a “Search” function that can process keywords. It helps them find the desired item easily.

Inadequate product description and information

These days, most consumers complain that the product information and description were misleading. Although some products have similar features and adage, it is good to add their specifications too. This way the customers don’t feel cheated. Incorporate the product information in your eCommerce design ideas to avoid subsequent problems.

Insufficient product images

Consumers are attracted to visual displays. The product must provide sufficient pictures. This makes it appealing to customers. To draw their attention, and provide accurate rendering, you must include adequate pictures. You can also add a 360-degree animation to your eCommerce design. The customer is likely to buy the product once they are satisfied with the aesthetics.

Lack of sufficient customer support information in your eCommerce design

Consumers need to feel heard. They like to know that they are in direct relation to the merchant. Therefore, ensure the inclusion of all customer service information in your eCommerce design. Consumers should be able to reach the support staff easily via phone and email.

Provide an easy shopping cart

The shopping cart is the second most important aspect of eCommerce design. This is where the consumer spends the most amount of time. Ensure that they can add or remove products easily. You must also provide all necessary pricing information.

Insufficient modes of easy checkout

It is necessary to include an easy checkout experience in your eCommerce design. People like to use their online modes of transaction. Include services to save the information if they like, and also choose not to save it, if that’s what they prefer. The flexibility during check-out must be satisfactory. This ensures that the customer will return to the eCommerce website.

Shabby eCommerce design plans

The eCommerce design should be targeted to inspire a sense of camaraderie and trust. If the design is shabby, the consumer feels like the company doesn’t care. The website is an end-to-end service like a store. However, it is necessary to create a professional eCommerce design to ease the mind of the customer. An elegant eCommerce design is an absolute necessity.

Insufficient information on “Shipping and payment policies”

Consumers are now smart shoppers. It is pivotal that they have all the necessary information. You must add details about returns, exchanges, shipping, payments, and other vital policies. So, make sure to include all necessary terms, and conditions in your eCommerce designs. This ensures a completely transparent transaction.

So, now that you know the common design mistakes that you may be making, get ahead of the competition. Create flawless eCommerce designs to astound the clients. Watch as these simple e-commerce design ideas drive up the traffic on the websites.

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