FB or Amazon Which One is Good for Selling Your Product Online

better buy fb or amazon

Have you ever considered the power of a Facebook page to sell your products and services? Or maybe you have wondered if you should start a store on Facebook page. Many businesses are using Facebook to sell their products and services.

Check out these basic ways your business can pull a Facebook page to sell products and make it easier for your customers to buy from you from any distant place.

Firstly, create a flawless Store Experience on Facebook with a “Landing Page App”. Keep this in mind, before you start selling on Facebook, you will need to create a Facebook page and not a Facebook profile. Using a Facebook page for business not only keeps you in compliance with Facebook’s terms of Service but also brings to you additional benefits that aren’t accessible with profiles. For example, with a page you can add a custom tab using a Facebook landing page app so you can assemble an online store. The benefits of using third-party landing page apps is that most landing page apps can be easily installed and are packed with features so you can build and run your store at a short time. With a landing page app, you can have a store that looks professional and slick, even if you are not a designer or coder. And it is easy for your clientele to use, whether they are shopping on a desktop or from their mobile device. You can modify the look and the feel of your Facebook store like change colors, add a logo and adjust the layout of your products until your Facebook store closely resembles your website. Besides creating the look and flow of your shopping cart, securing your transaction data with an SSL certificate is also equally important.

With billions of audience connecting to facebook every day and an enormous scope of exploring the opportunity to showcase your product was never so easy. With a simple yet effective application setup, you can directly upload images, product description or crate shop tab without leaving the facebbok page. Yes we are talking about Shopify, the most recommended and upgraded application, which is easy to setup, enable various customized option, save time, easy to share application. If you are using the “Kit version” it will leverage the facebook pixel and showcase the adds to the buyers. Kit is absolutely free and exclusive to shopify owners. Undoubtedly Shopify is the best option available to derive more sales and conversion of audience to potential customers. If you are not doing this app, surely you are missing a big deal.

You can import your existing online stores to Facebook with StoreYa. StoreYa is another choice. It has a free plan that gives you the ability to add 50 product SKUs. This attribute allows you to import your products from over 23 popular store platforms such s Amazon, Shopify or WooCommerce. If you do not have a store on any of these platforms, you can use a CSV file to manually add products. If you have huge number of products in different colors and sizes, this is a time-saver. StoreYa also includes the ability for businesses to have different stores and store managers. This is beneficial if you run a business that has a chain of stores, each with its own Facebook page and page admin. Once you have imported your products, StoreYa has a set of tools that can help you get your customers occupied and sell more products on Facebook.

Having said so, there are always cons as well as pros. Some of things you have to watch out for threat of numerous viruses and security, this is something you will need to think about even when working with big names like Facebook. Of course, you have the protection of a large well known social network but that doesn’t exclude you and your fans from the treat of your store being hi-jacked. It is very important that you know and can authenticate the apps you run on your Facebook page. Facebook does not accept responsibility for all the applications that are available so read the terms carefully before allowing any app to access the account.

Our next brand is another big brand in the industry having 170 million unique monthly customers is the Amazon
So you want to sell your stiff on Amazon, but don’t know where to begin. I have been there too. As I want to get rid of some old products I thought Amazon was the perfect place to sell them. First, you need to create an Amazon Seller account. The first question you are asked is, do I want a Professional or Individual account, the answer is straightforward, if you are going to sell more than 40 items a month, use a Professional account or else, select an Individual account.

Once you choose your account type, you’ll be asked to login or create an Amazon account using your preferred email. From then on you will need to provide: Charge Method, Seller Information, and Identity verification. Your charge method is obviously a credit card. It won’t be charged automatically though. For your seller information, you will need to provide your name and address, as well as a “Display name”. This will be the name buyers see next to the item you are selling. It can be anything you want, but remember, it is public. Next, you must verify your identity through a phone call or text message. Your account is then created. Now, you should be greeted with a home screen that looks fairly empty. Once you have your account, you need to list the objects you want to sell and add them.
Once you select your product, you will be taken to a screen to enter important product related information. There are three main things you need to enter like the price you want to sell your item for, what condition your item is in, whether you want Amazon to ship the item or you want to ship it yourself, etc. For pricing, you decide what you feel comfortable selling your item at. For this situation, be as sincere and descriptive as you can. All you are required to enter for the condition is a selection of “Acceptable”, “Good”, etc. However you will be more likely to sell it if you offer an extra description. It is advisable not to list an item at a better condition than it is. If a customer expects a “like-new” book, but instead gets one with tears and highlighting, they are going to request a refund, doing this can result in negative reviews, which will make it very tough for you to sell in the future. Finally, make sure you select the option “I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell.”

In case you are selling new items, you can make use of sticker less, commingled inventory. This means that Amazon will commingle your account with other sellers’ corresponding units. If a buyer orders from you, Amazon might ship an identical item that is actually from a different seller, but in warehouse closer to the customer. This allows Amazon to ship items faster and enhanced customer service.

The final step is your shipping plan. It is time to finally ship your items and to do this, visit the “Inventory” “Manage FBA Shipments” page and then enter the option “Continue with shipping plan”. Then enter how many units of each item you are transporting. If your item requires prep, select whether you or Amazon will prep them. Lastly, select whether you or Amazon will label the product. Once you approve your shipment, you can always have the option to purchase shipping from Amazon. You just need to know how much your package weighs. You can either put it on a bathroom scale, or just approximation based on the items inside the package. Once you print out your labels, stick them on your package and they are ready to post. Now just drop them off at your local UPS.
With millions of consumers prefer making their purchases with Amazon over any other store, Retailers has listed this e-commerce site as one of the best online store for selling their product However, the results a retailer will get depend on many factors and what works for one retailer will not necessarily work for another one. With a base of more than 300 million active customer accounts and more than 200 million monthly unique visitors to the website resulting in over $500 billion in revenue, Amazon is undoubtedly the number one place to go for every buyer. By listing the products on Amazon every retailer automatically gains credibility and trust. The basic reason is some customers are more expected to purchase a product from Amazon rather than from a shop they never heard of. Amazon’s commitments towards excellence and great service attract many shoppers into buying the products from their website. Moreover, its International expansion has allowed many retailers to cater various countries and sectors.

In short, for some merchants, Amazon Marketplace or Facebook could turn out to be beneficial to their retail strategy, but for others it will not work from the start. Irrespective of whether or not you sell on such e-commerce websites, the point is that you need to diversify the revenue streams and never keep all eggs in one basket. Both Amazon and Facebook is very powerful marketing tool with a various benefits that can help grow your e-commerce business. However it is not true for every organization. Along with the many advantages there are a few things you need to consider, in order deciding the application, it will be important to do your own research and see if all the pros outweigh any cons.