How to Set Up Your First E-commerce Store Using WordPress and Amazon Affiliate Products

how to set up your ecommerce store

E-commerce is a new age online market portal technology which can boost any business, but it also needs a good amount for investing in the initial stages. To make it easier on the pocket, Amazon had come out with a new age technique of affiliate marketing.

The Essence of affiliate marketing:

To simplify affiliate marketing as a partnership between a publisher who produces content and a retailer who has an affiliate program which is been hosted by the affiliate platform for trafficking. Further the publisher it is very easy to log in to the retailer’s affiliate platform who get to choose unique product tracking links, commonly known as affiliate links. There are many various ways to experiment and profit with affiliate marketing links, by placing them within written content, using them to create product listings, mentioning them verbally on podcasts or even embedding them into a banner different with advertisements.

Steps to set up an Ecommerce store using Word Press and Amazon products:

To make it easier, to understand the steps, to create your own E-commerce store through affiliate marketing strategy, here are the steps which can help you to get that final creation with the Amazon products,


Domain registering:

The basic start for this store would be to choose a domain name that can be registered to go with the portal for showing the products you want to sell. Without any doubt, the domain name should be short which can easily be remembered by all. Using the keyword to filter, for example, if the domain is for beauty products then it should start with the filler name of the beauty products and also end with that. To register a domain name an affordable amount would be charged, which in the future would pay you more than you can think of the amount as a profit.

Web hosting setting:

Web hosting is a vital step once you get the domain name registered. You website performance totally depend on hosting so before buy any hosting check its review and 10 necessary things that must be present in your hosting. After selecting hosting provider select the package which are sweet able  according to your budget. Once you get your hosting and domain name start working on all necessary software installation.

Word Press installation:

Installation of the WordPress is the third step after purchasing web hosting

Follow the easy five steps mentioned below to install Word Press into your server:

  • Step 1: Download the latest version of WordPress from
  • Step2: Unzip and Upload those files to our web server, using FTP.
  • Step3: Create a MySQL database and user for WordPress
  • Step4: Then you need to configure Word Press to connect to our newly-created database
  • Step5: Follow the instructions and complete the installation and setup our new website.


If your server provider provides one click free applications install system in your control panel, then login into your control panel and find the section from where you can install word press.

If you are still not able to install word press then check our Free Word press Installation Service.

Themes and Plug-in:

After successfully installing WordPress into your web server you need to install Themes and Plug-ins in your WordPress site. Thousands of themes and plugins are available in directory. There are so many plugins available that you need to install for running your Amazon affiliate store but the two plugins below you must install in order run this business effectively

  1. The first plug-in is WooCommerce. Login to your admin section, then from left side menu find plug-in when you scroll the mouse over, you will see an option “add new plug-in”, click on it. Open a new page where you see all the plug-in that’s available in WordPress plug-in directory. In top right corner, there is an option for plug-in search. In that search box search using WooCommerce keyword, it shows WooCommerce Plug-in. Click the install button and after installation is complete, it will show active button, click on it and complete WooCommerce installation
  2. Secondly, you have to name it as the Woo Zone Woo Commerce Amazon Affiliates which you have to properly purchase. This plug-in is the key which will allow you to quickly pull the products from Amazon and upload them into your new Amazon affiliate store. This plugin is known to be a very powerful key to your affiliate marketing website. After successfully purchase you will get a zip file that you need to upload in your Word Press site and activate it to use its amazing features.


As per Woo Zone Woo Commerce Amazon Affiliates plugin below 2 themes are recommended

Signup and Setup Amazon Affiliate System:

Once you install and setup your Word Press site, go to affiliation of the Amazon program. If you have already signed up for it then login into your affiliate account with register email or mobile number and password or else Signup for Amazon Affiliate Program

After creating affiliate account you need to sign in your AWS account at AWS Security Credentials Console with same email id and password.After creating an account in AWS follow the steps below to create a new Access Key ID and Secret Key.

  • Step 1. A pop-up message appears. Click Continue to Security Credentials.
  • Step 2. Click Access Keys.
  • Step 3.  Click Create New Access Key, and then click Show Access Key or Download Key File.
  • Step 4. Save this access key information in a safe location.

Important Note giving by amazon
“You can access the secret access key only when you first create an access key pair. For security reasons, it cannot be retrieved at any later time. Ensure that you save both the access key ID and its matching secret key. If you lose them, you must create a new access key pair. IAM roles are not currently supported. You must use the root account credentials.”

After creating Access Key ID, Secret Key and affiliate id login into your WordPress admin panel and put all this information into your Woo Zone Woo Commerce Amazon Affiliates plugin. After setup, you need to import product from Amazon and track all your sales into Amazon dashboard.

Add/Import Product From Amazon:

After proper signup and approving your account from Amazon Affiliate team, you have to start importing products into your Word Press store. In Woo Zone Woo Commerce Amazon Affiliates plugin, provide you amazing features called Auto Import. Using this module you can easily import products in your store. You just need to provide keywords, setup how many pages to import and simply add it to Queue. It also supports recurrence system, so it just needs to setup how often you need to import products and it’s automatically done this job.

So now setting up your own E-commerce online store with Amazon Affiliate Products would be much easier through the usage of WordPress and Woo Zone plugin. Following the above steps would surely help you to have your own first online store, with products which could attract the potential customers all over the country and globe.

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