How to Implement A Cart Abandoned Email Sequence In Your E-commerce Website

cart abandoned

You might have well decorated your store, you might have also successfully figured out the inventory required to meet the demand and with your expert outlook, you might have also maintained a healthy traffic flow. But is that enough to cover all your bases? Think again. You are still experiencing a huge number of unseen losses. It is the shopping cart abandonment.

What is an abandoned cart?

According to a report on 65 percentages of potential sales, gets rejected before the sale process gets completed. So it clearly proves that your potential sales figure is down to one-third of its actual sales. This situation may arise due to various reasons. Now, of course, no one can go to each of these cart-abandoners and persuade to increase the sale. It might happen that some of these abandoners never had the intention to purchase in the first place itself, but putting the effort in the right way might do the trick and persuade some of them to complete their purchase.

What are the reasons shoppers abandon their cart?

  • It may happen the shopper had just clicked on the shipping price button and decided to drop the idea of purchasing it. This is a very common phenomenon, to find out the shipping cost and then decide not to purchase at the point of time
  • To estimate the total cost, some does add items to the cart and leave
  • It gets tough if the payment options are limited. Many shoppers leave the site even after choosing the products due to unfavorable payment options
  • Security concerns are a vital concern. If the website runs slow or if the online payment does not work in the first place, most people will never put their card details a second time on the website and will leave the products on the cart

There are other factors too that makes the products stay stored in the abandoned cart. Various mindset acts differently while opting for online purchase, but the above few point are found to be the most common aspects.

The Essentials:

So what can one do, if he knows that most of his customers are visiting the store but leaving their products behind in the cart? You first need to prepare an abandoned cart email strategy. It will act as both, a reminder and will let you know what the choice of your existing customer was so that you can prepare a discount chart for all these special items and lure them back to the store.
The basic advantage of sending emails to such customers will act in a positive way as it will be direct and personal. Also the power of your message in each mail will fulfill the target specifications. According to an online survey, an abandoned cart email has generated most of its sales back to the store. Now isn’t it amazing?

Let’s discuss few email sequence in your e-commerce website:

  • A reminder to the shopper about what they have abandoned. Sometimes a little push can make the shopper go for the purchase, it has been a proved strategy, while many shoppers fall in a dilemma whether to go for the purchase or not, a reminder can seal the sale from their side.
  • A request for a feedback. This might be lengthy but works beautifully. Asking a reason of why the shopper has left behind the product will help you to understand the common reason, it might be the waiting period for the payment, the site might have crashed or less payment option.
  • An email with an eye-catching subject line will manage the shopper to come back to the abandon cart and make him think again about the purchase.
  • A re-reminder email is a necessary step and needs to send at least 24 hours after the first email has been sent.

Create a better-abandoned cart email for a better result:

Every industrial product is different from the other, so it purely depends on the product to choose the right format of writing, but the following example might work for most of them.

  • Need for urgency in the mail by offering a special coupon on the product abandoned
  • Send an invitation and give chance for the customer to know you better
  • Activate a private group and engage the customer
  • Include testimonials in the email and attract the customer to change the decision or the thought carrying for your e-commerce store
  • Offer discounts on that special product which has been rejected and make no options left for the customer but to purchase it from you
  • Remind him of the limited availability of that product so that it creates a hurriedness for the shopper to take the action

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The last step

It is clear that the importance of an abandoned cart email is needed for recovering the losses, but how to make this email simpler. A simple Shopify app will guide you set up your cart abandoned emails. There are several well-recommended apps as well to suffice the requirements, like JILT, ABANDON APP or the ABANDON AID, ETC.
A basic fact is to send the email, waiting for at least a day after a purchase has been abandoned; some marketers send this mail instantly. Once the abandon email has been properly set up, you may check the wish list email to remind the customer of what they have missed out while shopping in your store. This wish list reminder app on Shopify is cheap and highly recommended for allowing the customer to add a wish list on your e-commerce website that enables you to send them follow up emails.
Always remember every visitor is a potential customer, so you need to treat them accordingly. You don’t know maybe that an abandoned cart may give you the unexpected sales figure that you were looking for!