Mobile eCommerce trends for 2021

Mobile Ecommerce trends for 2021

While 2020 has been a defining year in recent history, it is time to move forward with brand new trends and advancements in 2021. Keeping that in mind, we decided to share with you, a few mobile ecommerce trends to help you grow your business in the new decade.

As you have probably already noticed, a lot of the systems for mobile ecommerce is now focused on automation. From customer support to placing orders, most things can now be controlled with carefully programmed Artificial intelligence and cloud computing. In 2021 we are about to witness a giant leap in the field of mobile ecommerce, with the help of these automated design trends. They make the shopping experience much simpler, thereby impelling customers to make more purchases. This translates to increased revenue for mobile ecommerce businesses.

Let us take a closer look at a few mobile ecommerce trends that are going to dominate the market in 2021:

Artificial Intelligence Chat-Bots

Artificial intelligence has slowly been working its way into all technological and non-technological sectors alike. These beautifully designed programs help businesses relieve the stress on customer support by providing automated results to common problems. The Artificial Intelligence programs use Big Data analysis, Cloud computing, and Machine Learning to analyze customer grievances and provide an appropriate response.

Mobile ecommerce businesses can simply install a carefully-programmed AI bot in their customer support system. This bot would generate frequently asked questions from which the customers can choose their relevant queries. The bot would then go ahead and provide the necessary information with options to streamline the conversation. This way, a customer support representative needs to weigh in only if they are required.

The Artificial Intelligence Bots can address most of the queries on mobile ecommerce apps and websites. Therefore, businesses can reduce the number of staff in customer support to cut down their expenses.

Voice-generated shopping

Virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri have paved the path for this incredible technology to make its way into mobile ecommerce. Now, customers can simply talk to their mobile phones instead of typing to search for desirable products. This technology has already been implemented by mobile ecommerce businesses such as Amazon. Customers can simply tap and hold the microphone icon on the search bar and enunciate the type of items they want to search. The program proceeds to look through the inventory and provide relevant results.

You can implement this design trend in your mobile ecommerce design with ease. Although keeping on par with the advancements of 2021, you may want to consider programming in the filters as well. That way customers can search for specific items in their desired color and price range.

Virtual reality

This astounding phenomenon took the world by storm. And now it has made its way into the world of mobile ecommerce. Shopping for more expensive items are aided exponentially with the use of Virtual reality.

Let’s say a customer is looking for an antique table or a sofa set for their new house. They can use Virtual reality programs to determine exactly how the new pieces of furniture would fit into their home.

Virtual reality helps the customers choose suitable products on mobile ecommerce sites in their very first attempt. Additionally, it helps them visualize exactly how a product would fit into their life in real-time. This creates a pleasant shopping experience which in turn helps the mobile ecommerce business build better customer relations. It is a handy design trend to implement in your mobile ecommerce app as well as the website.

Augmented Reality

This technological advancement is a boon for mobile ecommerce. Websites and apps had a difficult time converting customers who preferred to shop in person to make sure they liked the product. With augmented reality, mobile ecommerce businesses all over can facilitate a better experience for these customers. Augmented reality allows the customers to visualize the products in real-time scenarios so they can make an informed decision.

For example, let us consider a customer who is looking for a bathtub for their new master bathroom. They can simply use augmented reality to figure out the dimensions and fixtures they will need and choose the appropriate option.

Much like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality helps the customers buy what they need in their first attempt. This helps create a better experience on mobile ecommerce. It also helps in building brand loyalty due to the simplicity of this shopping practice.

One-Click orders

Another important mobile ecommerce trend for 2021 is to securely save customer information. Customers do not like to have to enter their personal details or credit card details over and over again. This process is simplified if the information can be saved on file so the customer can quickly complete the transaction with a single confirmation click.

This will also help alleviate sales as customers might end up making multiple impulse purchases. Since they don’t need the time to enter various details, they also don’t ponder over their shopping carts. With a single click, the purchase order will be placed and the payment will be completed.

Make sure to install advanced security measures though. Big basket lost a lot of their goodwill when their system was hacked. Customers need to know that they can trust your mobile ecommerce business with their personal and credit information.

Omni-channel presence

Last but not the least; create an Omni-channel presence for your mobile ecommerce business. It is not enough to develop an app and a decent website. You also need to create backlinks all across social media channels. A lot of customers spend the majority amount of their time surfing through social media platforms. It is an influential marketing trend for mobile ecommerce businesses. You can create product-specific posts and add backlinks to direct the customer to your apps and websites. This will also help in spreading awareness about your mobile ecommerce business and attract new customers.

Mobile E-commerce Trends are evolving rapidly to accommodate the changing singularities in technology. In 2021, the public expects their shopping experience to be simpler and more customer-centric. Design a state-of-the-art mobile app and implement the above-mentioned design trends to ensure that your mobile e-commerce business reaches new heights.

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