Product catalogue design tips and tricks that drive sales

Product catalogue design tips

In the age of e-commerce, every little detail plays an important role. They help in attracting customers, driving up sales, and making profits. The primary aspect of e-commerce is the product catalogue. It is the first thing customers see. It is where they find what they need. The product catalogue needs to be of good value in order to sell more.

That is why we have compiled a list of important points to keep in mind. You must pay special attention to them while building your product catalogue. Let us take a look at them one at a time:

Make a decisive plan

It is important to decide on a theme for the product catalogue. It must have a pleasing aesthetic but it should not over-power the products. In addition, remember to add simplistic patterns. A shoddy design scheme may irate customers and drive them away. Decide on a budget and speak to a professional website or graphic designer.

Product catalogue must be Categorized efficiently

One of the most important steps is to define the various categories of products.Customers find it easier to search for their desired products when they have been categorized appropriately.

For example, let’s say your e-commerce business revolves around shoes. Then the catalogue for products must categorize them as boots, slippers, flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, etc.

Create subsequent write-ups

You must keep in mind that more often than not, customers are not aware of the various categories. They may know what they are looking for or the purpose of the item they seek. However, they may not know what it is called. A simple write-up for the categories and products are helpful for them to find what they need.

You must also remember that there are connoisseurs who can differentiate each product. Therefore, it is necessary to categorize as well. Make sure that your product catalogue appeals to all shoppers equally.

Organize the products appropriately

This is a tricky step but as important as categorizing. Often the product catalogue is not efficiently organized. Customers tend to get lost in the different sections. Then they get frustrated, and turn away from the website.

For instance, a wedge-heeled boot must be categorized in boots as well as in wedge-heel shoes. However, a pencil-heeled boot must not be categorized under high-heel sandals.

Create efficient navigation and pages

The appropriation of the navigation function is under-rated but it affects the customers’ purchase experience heavily. If the pages are haphazardly placed, they appear to be confusing. Customers,thereby, tend to associate negatively with the website. To create a positive shopping experience, the product catalogue must be well organized.  The navigation system must also be smooth. The overall interface of the website must also be easy to use for everyone.

Choose appropriate images in product catalogue

Shopping online comes with a major risk. The products are often different from the ones displayed. Customers constantly file such claims which creates a negative image of the brand. This is why it is very important to upload appropriate images in the product catalogue section. The images must be of high-definition and the same as the product itself. It is also helpful to include images from various angles in the product catalogue.This helps maintain absolute transparency with the customers.

A wide selection of complementary products

This is a tactful form of classic upsell. You can feature products that are usually purchased along or relevant to each other. You can add them as suggestions to encourage impulse-buys.

For instance, if someone searches for air purifiers. Then a suggestion or a pop-up of air filters is a classic upsell. You can also add them in the product catalogue under the same category. This will remind the customer to buy related products or provoke an impulse purchase.

Add sufficient contact information in product catalogue

This is as important as the products in the product catalogue. Customers want to be able to reach the business in case of issues. It is important to provide sufficient contact information. Add phone numbers and email ids where customers can reach out to the business directly.

Creating an efficient product catalogue largely affects the e-commerce business. Therefore, it is necessary to design them for the benefit of the customers. These steps will help you drive up your sales exponentially. You will also make profits by ensuring steady brand loyalty from customers.

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