Top 5 Shared Hosting for Your E-commerce Website in 2017

dream host

When it comes to starting an online store, among the various factors which need to take into consideration, the most important part of the puzzle is which platform to use for showcasing the e-commerce site. The two major categories related to e-commerce platforms are hosted and self-hosted. Where hosted will host the client’s e-commerce site with the platform provider and self-hosted allows the client to host by itself by providing the required software. If you chose self-hosted solution for your eCommerce store then you need to choose the best hosting service one has to keep track of some basic points:

It is necessary to know once hosting needs, the reliability and value for money. We will discuss some of the top hosting panels of 2017


A Los Angeles based website hosting provider founded in 1996 has got a long list of features to satisfy any personal or business related website hosting needs. Along with WordPress, the company shares virtual private server (VPS) and other dedicated plans for its client to build attractive and flexible sites. Like several other companies, Dreamhost offers WordPress Hosting known also as DreamPress 2.


Bluehost-web hosting provider

Unlike other web hosting panel provider, Bluehost doesn’t offer a monthly shared hosting option. Instead, it gives the option to its client for an annual plan with huge discount options. Bluehost has many dedicated server configurations.It also helps to set up non-managed WordPress sites.


GoDaddy-web hosting provider

With 17 million domain customer and 17 million domains hosting under its management Godaddy is one of the most popular web hosting panels. This dedicated server comes in many Linux and Windows configurations, with both monthly and annual rental plans the client can outfit the servers up to 32GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage. Godaddy gives its version of WordPress hosting the White-glove treatment with four tires of Linux – based managed WordPress. It also gives a 24*7 client support.


Hostinger-cheap web hosting for website

One of the most preferred web hosting panel. With low cost and high-quality web hosting Hostinger provides options with MySQL, FTP and PHP support. Hostinger is an ICANN approved domain register that offers free domain name with each Premium and Business web hosting plans and gives a free SSL for more security and SEO friendly.


Big Rock, web hosting provider

Bigrock Hosting provides both Linux and windows at a competitive price and is reliable. Apart from web hosting, email hosting and VPS hosting, business class email services including anti-virus and anti – spam features, Bigrock more value added services like WHOIS, DNS management, premium domain sales and a promising all-inclusive assistance to the client.

At the end, few things which need to be noted before choosing a web hosting panel are:

  • Stability: How much the website can handle any web traffic and sudden spike?
  • Security: Every website contains sensitive data, so it is important to know the range of security provided by the website panel provider.
  • Performance: How efficiently the E-commerce site can handle any sudden growth in the traffic. Opening a particular page or loading of the e-commerce site can sometimes annoy the customer.With shared hosting panel, the fear of the site getting crashed is always there.

Choosing the right hosting panel for a successful online website is critical. Starting from the space required for the website to the technicality requirements, everything has to be decided accordingly. E-commerce hosting has become a common practice among organizations, so it is important to choose the hosting provider according to the need.