Unlimited Guide to Setup Your Dropship Business with Shopify, Oberlo and AliExpress

shopify oberlo dropshipping business

Online shopping is the craze in today’s technology driven world. One of the best advantages of online shopping is that goods can be delivered directly from the manufacturer to the customer. Often, one can also sell their products directly to the customer by doing business with some of the websites like Shopify and Oberlo. These websites are serving as a good option to those people who want to sell their products online. Manufacturers can increase their reach to the user by directly selling their product online. Even the customer’s benefit from this, as it avoids middlemen to interfere.

There are ample ways to sell online, however, consumers opt to buy from the most reliable site. It serves as the best platform who wants to build up their retail business. They help in the expansion of the business as their customer outreach is more. The most important difference between drop-shipping and ordinary selling is that the former doesn’t stock and own inventory. It is the most convenient way to begin and establish merchants.

Advantages of doing drop-ship business

  • Easy to get started. With drop shipping, you don’t need to invest hugely in inventory.
  • They operate worldwide and thus business can boom as products can be delivered globally.
  •  Helps to expand business not just on the website but also via social media.
  • Reduces the requirement or running a warehouse, the drop-shipping business can be done from anywhere with a computer or cell phone.
  • They manage orders of all types from a single place.
  • They constantly update their website and come up with attractive deals and customer attraction is achieved.
  • As products can also get ordered by retailers, the business can lead to further expansion.
  • Eliminates the work of hiring multiple staffs.
  • Eradicates handling of returns and inbound shipments from the producers.

Using Aliexpress: A detailed outlook

The best part of this service is that you can easily sell your products without the worry of having to form any kind of inventory. The product price is set at wholesale price and can easily be drop shipped directly to the customers.

Reason behind popularity

Now, what are the advantages that made it popular among the users? Let’s have a brief look.

  • There is no upfront cost that helps you in starting your business without initial investments.
  • The process of ordering or getting an order delivered is absolutely easy.
  • The selection of the products is absolutely huge and you can choose from wide options.
  • There is detailed product description for each product that certainly makes the selling easier for you.
  • There are great pictures of many products which you can easily use on your website without any issues.
  • The drop shipping is absolutely simple as you can do so by inputting the address of the customer.

Setting up the store

Though setting up the store is very easy but here is a brief description for you. Decide your niche and then the brands whose product you want to sell. Check the numbers of orders for any product and also the rating to make sure that the items in your store are in demand. Communicate with the seller to understand about the product more then start selling.


Here is another solution that will fuel the growth and existence of your online shopping site. This is a complete solution of setting up an online store that can help you in selling your products effectively. Easy to operate and set-up this platform actually is a practical solution to all the questions related to the world of online shopping business. The best part is that it takes just 3 steps to get started.

  1. The first step is to open an account on the Shopify platform.
  2. The next step is selecting a proper theme for your website and installing the same.
  3. The third part is installing the app and start working.

Adding the products with Oberlo

Once we are aware of the ways to set up the store, now it is time to know the ways in which we can add the products. After adding a product makes sure to write a unique and attractive description. Have an estimated delivery time that will help the customers. Make sure to use an app for tracking the order. You can also offer free shipping. Moreover, make sure that you add the price appropriately. Finally, you can always use Oberlo to add products to your account instead of doing it manually.

If you want to directly import your drop shipped products into your e-commerce store then Oberlo is the perfect solution. It is a way that lets you easily add products and also ship the same. Besides being economical, it also saves time. To import the products you need to create an account on the platform then opt for a pack. They have different packages that you can select depending on the size of your business. This is a must-inclusion for a successful online business. Here is a way to set up the store.

After you are ready to sell product then you need an inventory to find it all and what can serve better than Oberlo? To get started all you have to do is register in their website. You can do the following things using this platform.

  1. Find the products that you desire
  2. Pick the products from the free inventory
  3. When you order it then it will be packaged for free
  4. You can easily get it delivered to your desired address

This is the best site as they are the experts in what they do. So, when are you getting started?